I have been experimenting lately; as much as I like the traditional shapes, shapes the mimic nature also fascinate me. The blowfish shape, often copied and played with, is not really one of my favorites. I see one every once in a while that does ring my bell though and so out of curiosity I do play with the shape occasionally. Long shanks provide cool smokes and anĀ elegant look, so trying to combine this with a shape that is generally bent and not symmetrical is tricky. This one features a nice, natural blast and an unusual green cumberlandĀ stem with faux ivory stem ring. Built for smoking, it’s a bit beefy by design. Out of my normal wheelhouse, this will probably not be one I repeat often.

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FINISH: Sandblast

ADORNMENTS: Green Cumberland Stem w/ White Acrylic Adornment

OVERALL SIZE: 6 x 1 5/8 x 2 1/4


PRICE: $325

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